Coordinated Technology Implementation Program


Many new innovative technologies have been funded through the CTIP program. Publications of these technologies and projects have been completed in collaborative partnership with the Federal Highway Administration.

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2013 An Integrated Approach for Building Sustainable Roads Amit Armstrong, Ph.D., P.E., Lisa M. Reid, P.E., PMP, Anneke J. Davis, P.E., Jaclyn GaultTransportation Systems
2013 An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Roadside Design and Restoration Amit Armstrong, Ph.D., P.E.,Lindsey Sousa, AICP, LEED AP, Colin Haggerty, P.E., CFM, Conrad FischerTransportation Systems
2013 Geotechnical Asset Management, Implementation Concepts and Strategies Mark VesselyEngineering
2012 Roadkill Observation Collection System (ROCS): Phase III Development Robert Ament, Doug Galarus, Daniel Richter, Kelvin Bateman, Marcel Huijser and James Begley Wildlife Management
2012 Assessing the Impact of Climate Variability on Transportation Infrastructure Amit Armstrong, Jake Keller, Mike Flood, Mike MeyersEngineering
2012 Best Management Practices for Sustainable Road Design and Construction Stephen T. Muench, Jared Koester, Chris Croft, Craig Weiland, Jeralee AndersonEngineering, Transportation Systems
2012 CRSP-3D User’s Manual Colorado Rockfall Simulation Program Rick Andrew, Howard Hume and Ryan Bartingale, Alan Rock, Runing ZhangEngineering
2012 Deep Patch Repair, Phase I: Analysis and Design Eli Cuelho, Steve Perkins and Michelle AkinEngineering
2012 Exploring Bicycle Options for Federal Lands: Bike Sharing, Rentals and Employee Fleets Rebecca Gleason, Laurie MiskiminsTransportation Systems
2012 Geocomposite Moisture Barriers in Roadway Applications Mohammed A. Gabr, Ph.D., P.E., T. Matthew Evans, Ph.D., Mahdi Bahador, Matthew Ranando Engineering
2012 Polymer Modified Asphalt Emulsions Composition, Uses, and Specifications for Surface Treatments Gayle King, GHK, Inc., John Johnston, NCPP Engineering
2011 Advanced InSAR Technology (SqueeSAR™) For Monitoring Movement of Landslides Jessica Morgan, Giacomo Falorni, Adrian Bohane, Fabrizio Novali Engineering
2011 Context Sensitive Rock Slope Design Solutions Richard D. Andrew, Ryan Bartingale and Howard Hume Engineering
2011 Current and Innovative Solutions to Roadside Revegetation Using Native Plants Amit Armstrong, Thomas C. Roberts, Robin ChristiansWatershed, Soil, and Air
2011 Induced Polarization & Seismic 3D Imaging of Landslides Phil Sirles, James Schofield, and David ButlerEngineering
2011 Road Dust Management and Future Needs 2008 Conference Proceedings Laura Fay, Angela KociolekWatershed, Soil, and Air
2011 Wildlife Crossing Structure Handbook - Design and Evaluation in North America Anthony P. Clevenger and Marcel P. HuijserWildlife Management
2010 Culvert Assessment and Decision-Making Procedures Manual For Federal Lands Highway John H. Hunt(1), Stephen M. Zerges, Brian C. Roberts, Bart BergendahlEngineering
2010 Hollow Bar Soil Nails - Pullout Test Program Allen W. Cadden, P.E., Jesús E. Gómez, Ph.D., P.E., Andrew C. Baxter, P.G., Thomas Bird Engineering
2010 Hollow Bar Soil Nails - Review of Corrosion Factors & Mitigation Practice Naresh C. Samtani, PE, PhD, *Edward A Nowatzki, PE, PhDEngineering
2010 SNAP (Soil Nail Analysis Program) User’s Manual Rick Andrew, Howard Hume, Sara Hansen, Ben Arndt, and Paul Macklin, Alan Rock, Runing Zhang Engineering
2010 Traffic Monitoring in Recreational Areas Shawn Turner, P.E., Jodi Carson, Ph.D., P.E., Carol A. Zimmerman, L.J. Wilkinson, Kathy TravisTransportation Systems
2010 Traffic Monitoring: A Guidebook Shawn Turner, P.E., Jodi Carson, Ph.D., P.E., Carol A. Zimmerman, L.J. Wilkinson, Kathy TravisTransportation Systems
2009 Best Management Practices for Chemical Treatment Systems for Construction Stormwater and Dewatering Richard A. McLaughlin, Ph.D. and Alex Zimmerman, CPESCEngineering, Watershed, Soil, and Air