Coordinated Technology Implementation Program



The Federal Lands Highway Coordinated Technology Implementation Program, or CTIP, is a cooperative technology deployment and sharing program between the FHWA Federal Lands Highway office and the Federal land management agencies. It provides a forum for identifying, studying, documenting, and transferring new technology to the transportation community.

Many new innovative technologies have been funded through the CTIP program. These technologies include a variety of concentration areas such as pavement, bridges, and low volume roads. CTIP funds are normally used for technology projects related to transportation networks on Federal public lands. Projects related to the transportation infrastructure, transit, safety, public use, and natural environments are considered.

CTIP Leadership

A council composed of representatives from the Federal Lands Highway office and its associated Federal agencies directs CTIP deployment and transfer activities. The council provides policy guidance, approves problem statements and proposals, and ensures the effective management of the program.

The Council's voting members are management officials representing the following agencies:

Agencies participating in the Council as non-voting members include:

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For more information on proposal requirements, copies of completed studies, or the status of active studies, contact your agency CTIP Council member.

Bureau of Indian Affairs

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National Park Service

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Office of Federal Lands Highway

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USDA Forest Service

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US Fish and Wildlife Service

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