Coordinated Technology Implementation Program

Cooperative Deployment and Sharing

The Coordinated Technology Implementation Program is a cooperative technology deployment and sharing program between the FHWA Federal Lands Highway office and the Federal land management agencies. It provides a forum for identifying, studying, documenting, and transferring new technology to the transportation community. Read more

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CTIP News is an annual newsletter that highlights projects and publications featuring unique and innovative technologies deployed within the Federal Lands Highway (FLH) transportation system.

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A Sustainable Transportation Project Road Trip

The Sustainable Transportation Project Road Trip is an interactive tool to stimulate thinking and facilitate discussion among transportation practitioners about how to achieve successful, sustainable delivery of transportation projects. The tool is equally versatile for group settings or self-directed exploration. View Now »


Sustainable Road Design and Construction

This web site contains four integrated and interlinked modules dedicated to explaining the art and science of roadside revegetation. Each module contains similar topics, but communicates them differently depending on informational needs. You may begin with any module and continue through it step-by-step or you may use the in depth links to visit related information in other modules to reinforce what you are learning. View Now »


An Integrated Approach to Building Sustainable Roadways

The training modules for An Integrated Approach to Building Sustainable Roadways introduce a new, six-step process for integrating sustainability into the planning, design and construction of roadway projects. This process is intended to fit within the existing design process and to remain flexible enough to apply to projects of different types and scale. View Now »